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Client Testimonials 

California Estate Sales & Auction Co.

I wanted to sincerely thank you for your incredible service to me and my family. As a high profile celebrity family of (Nicolas Cage) it's very important we have a company that understands the importance of privacy when you are letting go of very valuable things. Your company and you as the CEO have been the best in the business. Unfortunately, I have had very horrible experiences with other companies that didn't care. You have the best bedside manner, patience and understanding of my needs. I would highly recommend anyone wanting a trustworthy, classy, hardworking company this is where you need to trust your life precious belongings. I have had many high end private pieces in your hands and thank god you knew how to get it to the right people for top dollar.
 Thank you for this experience. Much love.


Christina Fulton







California Estate Sales did an incredible job clearing out my mother’s home so that we could list it for sale. A representative came to the house for a visual inspection of the items and immediately knew what strategy to implement for our purposes.  She personalized a strategy that maximized our total sale value.  Her entire team was professional, prompt and handled everything from organizing the items, to pricing and staging, and ultimately hosting the sale itself.  In the end, we yielded a significant amount that could not have been achieved on our own.  CES brings not only their own individual experience in managing these types of estates, but the CEO also brings an entire team.   They completely took over this stressful job and allowed me to concentrate on other things during such an emotional time.   We thank the entire team at California Estate Sales for handling everything with such efficiency and professionalism.  I will not hesitate to recommend California Estate Sales in the future!


August 25, 2014 by Larry B., Newport Coast, CA



Laurence Bolton

Senior Vice President, Attorney

Legal and Compliance


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650 Newport Center Drive

Newport Beach, CA 92660

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California Estate Sales and Auction Gallery

This letter is to thank you for your assistance in liquidating my and Darlene Rodenberry’s estate.  I was married to Darlene who is the daughter of Gene Roddenberry, the creator or the famous Star Trek franchise, before her untimely death.  It was extremely difficult to part with these much loved items but with your help was able to sell everything in an expeditious manner at good market value.

The staff at California Estate Sales & Auction Company came into my home itemized, photographed and inventoried every piece for sale.  This was a large undertaking that you accomplished in one day.  You handled everything with great respect and care.  The auction ran smoothly and competently.

Again, thank you for making the auction experience a pleasant one.  Your courtesy and professionalism are much appreciated.  It has truly been a pleasure to meet and work with you and your staff.  Should I ever need auction services again you will be the first person I contact.

Antoine Bacha
Darlene Rodenberry’s estate


I was introduced to California Estate Sales through one of my clients after their previous estate company completely dropped the ball.  The team came in under less then ideal circumstances and did an absolutely AMAZING job.  Even after the sale was over and some of the items were left behind, the team made sure to help coordinate the process, thus ensuring we have the property cleaned out & could close escrow on time.

I have already referred California Estate Sales to several of my other clients & look forward to working with them again in the future.  They have completely raised the bar in my eyes!  Feel free to call me direct with any questions or for a personal testimonial.


Eric J. Marovish, Broker
Keller Williams – Newport Estates

California Estate Sales was competent and compassionate

When my mother passed away recently, I was overwhelmed. I had taken
care of her all my life. She had lived with me her last 15 years. In addition to handling her personal affairs for the family, I needed to dispose of her collections of antiques and memorabilia. I had no idea how to price and research some of the obscure collectibles and antiques. More importantly,
I was struggling emotionally to deal with the loss. 

California Estate Sales came to my rescue professionally and personally.

They took time and patience to research with great detail. They stayed focused on our family goals and handled everything with diligence and dignity. I am sure my mother would be satisfied with the treatment of her possessions and I recommend California Estate Sales to anyone needing to downsize, consolidate or liquidate.

January 2012, Shirley Hanna-King
Grammy Award winner and wife of William King of the Commodores


At the beginning I was weary of doing an estate sale because I was not sure of how to select the right company for my specific needs. Downsizing my house after my children left was always a goal, but to actually go through with it was a complete other step. California Estate Sales came in and did their work effortlessly. I was extremely impressed with their organization, professionalism, and dedication. They made this whole process so much easier, because not only was it mentally stressful but also emotionally (letting go!!). I was extremely pleased with the results and I would recommend them and their services to anyone who may be in the same boat as me, or in other situations as well.

July 19, 2011 by M.W. in San Diego, CA

Professional, caring, all-encompassing services: CALIFORNIA ESTATE SALES.

We recently found ourselves in a situation of needing to fully liquidate the contents of a home we had purchased. California Estate Sales stepped in on short notice and not only held a very successful estate sale, but were able to provide the necessary services for renovation of the home.

California Estate Sales has the expertise, flexibility, professionalism and care needed to provide these services. They are truly an "all-encompassing" service provider. I would recommend them to anyone finding themselves with such needs in possibly a very difficult time.

January 27, 2009, by Sandy B. 

Knowledgeable and considerate: CALIFORNIA ESTATE SALES.

We recently had a full liquidation estate sale for a dearly departed family member. This was a very overwhelming and difficult process for myself and I am truly grateful for California Estate Sales. We had many high-end antiques and artwork that I feel we were able to get top dollar for in the sale.

If you are looking for someone who is clean, efficient, considerate and extremely knowledgeable about value and pricing, California Estate Sales is your choice.

September 12, 2010, by D.L 

Personal, caring, knowledgeable service: CALIFORNIA ESTATE SALES.

California Estate Sales helped me to liquidate my family's estate. They are family owned and operated business and are very knowledgeable and caring.

I would recommend them to anyone needing help during the difficult time of this task.

Thank you!

July 17, 2008, by Brenda G.

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